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Business Banking

Welcome to Flagship Bank

We believe in doing what we can to help our business community prosper. For our part, that means earning our customers’ trust and respect, delivering products of value and providing outstanding service. That’s our mission.

Your Success is Our Business. Over the years, we’ve helped many businesses realize their goals. From small, home-based businesses to larger corporations, we’ve provided our banking expertise to help companies grow and prosper. And for every business owner there are also personal financial considerations. For that reason, we are committed to building a relationship with our customers and provide every service necessary for their effective wealth management.

Because our banking decisions are made locally, we can respond to you quickly. Also, you can be confident that decisions made on your behalf are not only well informed but also done by people who care about making good things happen for your business. While some banks might base their lending solely on numbers, we look beyond that to consider each customer’s character, determination and abilities.

In your account, we see a relationship of two companies, yours and ours…a partnership that will benefit each of us.

For that reason, you can call on us whenever you have a need or stop by even to ask a question. That’s what partners are for.


                                                                  It's How We Do Business



445 East Lake Street, Suite 110
Wayzata, MN 55391-1670
Phone: 952.473.1959
Fax: 952.473.1969

Andy Schornack
Vice President

Brian Wagner
Senior Vice President
Business Banking

Don Kleinschmidt
Vice President
Business Banking

Lynn Wessel
Assistant Vice President
Business Banking / Cash Management 

Eden Prairie
7525 Office Ridge Circle
Eden Prairie, MN 55344-3644
Phone: 952.944.6050
Fax: 952.944.3787

Tom Kleinschmidt 
Vice President 
Business Banking 

Jeremy Hoese
Vice President 
Business Banking 

Our Mission

To earn our customers’ trust and respect, and deliver products of value with
outstanding service…always…every day.