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Cash Management
  • Internet Banking
    • Monitor your account 24 hours a day.
    • View check images.
    • View 12 months of statement history.
    • Download statement/transaction history.
    • Transfer funds from one Flagship account to another.
    • To enroll or view demo, click: HERE.
  • ACH Origination

    • Make payments or collect payments on-line.
    • Pay your employees (direct deposit).
    • Move funds from bank to bank.
    • Internal dual control capability.
  • Remote Deposit
    • Submit check deposits right from your office saving driving time and eliminating potential risk & liability issues. Click here to learn more.
  • Merchant Credit Card Processing
    • Accelerate your receivables and eliminate the concern of check collections and available funds by accepting credit cards for payment. 
  • Zero Balance Accounts
    • Eliminate idle balances by establishing subsidiary accounts (such as payroll) to maintain a zero balance.  As checks are presented to the account, funds are swept to cover them then swept back to the main account, always maintaining a zero balance. 
  • Positive Pay
    • Prevents counterfeit checks from clearing your account.
  • CD-ROM
    • Reduce statement reconciliation time and check storage space by receiving a CD instead of paper statements.
    • Never lose resolution quality of cancelled checks. 
  • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)
    • Receive a daily report that translates your multiple electronic purchase order and invoice payments.
  • Business ATM or Debit Cards
    • Fast and convenient way to make purchases and track expenses especially when traveling.
    • For ATM locator, click: HERE.  
  • Business Credit Cards
    • Separate business expenses from personal expenses for easier record keeping.
    • Reports detailing spending by merchant, by employee or by purchase type.
    • Employee cards with controlled spending limits and types of purchases allowed.
    • Travel card rewards available without the restrictions of frequent flyer programs.



For more information, contact:

Lynn Wessel at 952.358.2515